About the LAB

It all started with my love for popcorn. I could eat popcorn all day long! It easily was my favorite snack, my go-to treat. But plain, salted popcorn began feeling mundane, almost boring. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but sometimes I wanted more zing. Sometimes I craved savory, sometimes I craved sweet. This is when my experimentation with flavors first came into play.

Caramel popcorn was truly my flavor attempt and easily my first success. I took it to gatherings, gave it as gifts, and it was widely, well-received. Soon it became my staple. If I was going to be somewhere, so was my caramel popcorn!

After a while, I started experimenting with more homemade concoctions. Also having a love for baking, my thought process was to try to mimic these recipes with ingredients I could use with popcorn. With each successful flavor recipe, I became more adventurous and thus The Popcorn LAB was officially born. 

Today I continue to create and test different popcorn flavors. The possibilities are endless! Everyone has a favorite flavor--there is truly something for every taste bud--sweet, savory, spicy or fruity. My rules are simple--only non-GMO, organic popcorn popped in organic refined coconut oil and no artificial flavors or colors...ever! If I won't serve it to my own family, it won't get made!

I hope you will enjoy eating The Popcorn LAB creations as much as I enjoy making them! And flavor suggestions are always welcome!

Forever Popping,

Laura A. Baldridge